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Avoid costly, catastrophic, grievous, money bleeding mistakes novice property developers make.

Did you know 70% of development approvals or planning permits obtained by first time developers, never get developed. 

End Result: First time developers, end up losing up to $50,000 without proper guidance and support. More often than not, first time developers try and cut corners by hiring professionals with “narrow vision”, purely based on lower price, who fail to see the broader picture & end up designing unsaleable & unmarketable products.

  • Would you like to avoid these costly mistakes?
  • Would you like to make sure that the $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 you end up spending on your block in order to develop it, goes to the best use and brings back multiple savings?
  • Would you like to make sure that your consultant does not draw out plans that will cost you a fortune in construction costs?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then before you start spending money to determine what you can build on your block, give us a call on 0488 998 072 for a
100% Free Diagnostic Consultation of your situation. 

We can help you determine the following at absolutely no cost, no obligation, no strings attached and no expectations what so ever:

  • The highest and best possible use of the property in question.
  • A broad financial feasibility for property development.
  • Advice on selecting the best possible builder to build your dream home.
  • Help with sourcing the best builder for your development.
  • Project Managing your development to completion. 
  • Helping you determine your financial capacity required for the development.

This diagnostic consultation is totally FREE and is designed to point you in the right direction. Our aim is determine the best possible outcome for you and help you make a wise decision. If there is potential, we will advice you on the next steps you should take in your journey towards financial freedom. 

Why should you call us?

I believe that the ideas, concepts, techniques & suggestions I will introduce will be so eminently logical and clearly viable to you the moment I reveal them, you’ll appreciate the time we will spend together going over your situation. I will conduct a 100% Free straight forward Diagnostic Consultation in a fully disclosed manner.  

In addition, I believe that I have the network, the resources, the knowledge, the expertise, the prowess, the proficiency & the competence that can save you thousands of dollars by helping you in two prominent ways:

  • Make an informed, knowledgable & educated decision &
  • By helping you AVOID costly, catastrophic, grievous, money bleeding mistakes.


  • A qualified, experienced, tried and tested team of professionals available at your disposal.
  • We have our own construction company, so you get the best of both the worlds. You get the best possible advice from a developers perspective and the best money saving tips from a builders perspective.

FREE Property Development eBook

~ Educate yourself in Property Development Process
~ Understand the Current Economic Outlook &
~ Melbourne Property Clock within the next few minutes.

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

  • Sell your house for more !!

    ~ Would you like to get more out of your property or land than the market value?
    ~ We pay above the market value for your house or property in exchange for time.
    ~ Through our creative strategies we can get you up to $250K more for your property.

  • Acquire Investment Property at Cost

    ~ Learn how you can acquire your next investment property at cost & not pay retail, therefore generating equity in your property from day 1.
    ~ Be part of a property development syndicate & manufacture your own equity.
    ~ Turbocharge your property portfolio & acquire more properties with same amount of cash in half the time.

  • Joint Venture Property Development

    ~ Do you have land with development potential, but would like someone else to develop? We Joint Venture with landowners to help them develop their property.
    ~ We frequently joint venture with land owners to develop their land & strive to achieve a win-win for both parties.

  • Would you like to develop property?

    ~ You always wanted to develop, but are short on either time, knowledge or do not have an experienced team on your side?
    ~ With experienced builder and property developers on our team, we can help you achieve the highest best possible outcome for your property.

  • Joint Venture with Money Partners

    ~ We can help you earn up to 80% return on your invested capital or cash.
    ~ You can choose to either get a flat return on your capital or
    ~ You can be part of a development & enjoy a high return on your capital.
    ~ In all cases your money is always backed by property to mitigate risk.

  • We can HELP you develop or build your property

    ~ Assessing the development potential in your property?
    ~ Property Development feasibility study?
    ~ Planning Permits?
    ~ Project Management?
    ~ Building & construction consultation?
    ~ Finance?
    ~ We have everything covered.

Don’t Belly-Ache over your property development project anymore.

Call 0488 998 072 for a FREE Diagnostic Consultation

  • Property Development Due Diligence
  • Property Development feasibility study
  • Town Planning & Design
  • Planning and Building Permits
  • Tendering and Awarding contracts
  • Construction & Contract Administration
  • Final Sale

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